Connolly Counseling and Assessment
has become Vecktr Group

Connolly Counseling and Assessment has become Vecktr Group


Both Connolly Counseling and Vecktr Group were created by Dr. Bob Connolly to help clients with mental and behavioral health struggles. Though they have a few things in common, they are also very different.


As Vecktr Group ...

we are offering assessment services and support for adults with developmental delays and their families, and no longer offer individual therapy services (unless you worked with Dr. Bob in the past). You can learn more about who we serve, what we do, and who we are by clicking the buttons below.

Vecktr Group

We approach every problem like this:

We approach every problem like this:

  • We listen intentionally.
  • We gather information.
  • We create a plan.
  • We put the plan in motion, monitor the plan, and revise as necessary.

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Ready to Move Forward?

At Vecktr Group, we believe in moving forward with intention with you. Our goal is to give you a real reason for hope, and help create a future you and your loved one can look forward to.