No matter what service we provide you and your loved one, we approach each case with the same spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Psychological Evaluation

These diagnostic tools can uncover important insights regarding personality, emotional functioning, functional skills, core behavioral issues, and delays in emotional development. They can also provide answers to hard-to-define questions when you have a sense that “something else is going on here.”

Our first step is always to gain insight by completing an assessment for each client. We offer in-house expertise with scientifically-validated instruments to evaluate and assess:

  • Cognitive/intellectual abilities
  • Social/emotional development
  • Learning disabilities
  • Personality
  • Emotional functioning
  • Functional skills
  • Vocational trajectories

Interventions and Crisis Management

When you find yourself in an entrenched or intense situation brought on by someone else’s mental health struggles, the decisions and details of “what to do next” are critical.

At Vecktr Group, we intervene with hands-on management of acute tipping-point episodes, including:

  • Threats of violence
  • Criminal activity
  • Arrest or detention
  • Substance-fueled or manic episodes
  • Threats or attempts of self-harm
  • Financial deception

With many years of experience in clinical settings, we understand the dynamics of confrontation and manage conflict skillfully. When in an intense situation, we attend to the well-being of the client and work towards stabilization. We work in close consultation with families and/or other concerned parties to ensure a tailored and appropriate response that is controlled and safe for all involved. We do not perform interventions without a clear treatment plan in place for what comes next, which we coordinate and implement as the next steps.

Through it all, we coordinate all the logistics, including discrete transportation and security (if required), to ensure you can focus on providing support to the person in our care.

Data-Informed Treatment Plans

While many behavioral health providers often provide off-the-shelf solutions that don’t always address all the issues, we believe that every individual is unique and requires an approach tailored to their circumstances.

We understand that knowledge is power, and we gather data from wherever we can to inform how we design a successful treatment plan.

We not only draw on our own diagnostic testing and evaluation resources; we also review all documentation – including anything you may already have in your possession – related to your particular situation. We can also discuss the case with family members and other professionals to develop a 360-degree understanding of the client’s life and needs. Then we devise an approach that offers the best opportunity to help stabilize chaotic situations or effectively disrupt stagnant or harmful behaviors in ways that are sustainable.

As the plan progresses, we work in close collaboration with you, making adjustments when necessary to ensure significant progress – and hold everyone accountable for their roles in the treatment plan.

Coordination of Care

The prospect of researching, arranging for, and coordinating care for a loved one can be overwhelming for the most organized person or family.

A hallmark of our approach is the seamless coordination of the often-complicated and sometimes-confusing details associated with behavioral health treatment plans. The level of detail includes coordinating:

  • Challenging discharges
  • Treatment facilities
  • Custodianship 
  • Financial management
  • Billing
  • Transportation
  • Prescribing providers
  • Housing

We find the right providers and facilities that will best serve your situation and ensure they are providing the care and service they promise. We combine this detailed, hands-on style with a commitment to forthright communication so that you have the information you need to monitor progress and participate effectively in the treatment process.

Ready to Move Forward?

At Vecktr Group, we believe in moving forward with intention with you. Our goal is to give you a real reason for hope, and help create a future you and your loved one can look forward to.