Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked most about working with us. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please reach out via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

We are a private pay practice and not in network with any insurance providers.

Each case is different and the cost depends on the circumstances of the case. Please reach out to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to provide us with more details so that we can give you an estimate.

Yes, we can provide a superbill, but we can’t control how much your insurance carrier will reimburse you.

We are happy to review any documentation you already have, but we believe that the more information we have, the better able we are to create a treatment plan that will work. We’ve also seen many people labeled with the wrong diagnosis, receiving treatment that isn’t helping what is really going on. That’s why we like to start with our own assessment and review of background/documentation, to make sure we have the right info to work from.

The short answer is yes. We can do an assessment without reviewing documentation. However, any and all documentation we can review is illuminating and helps to inform how we move forward. We are not easily swayed nor influenced by what other providers think, but we do find that data illuminating.

Depending on the measures, assessments can take 4-6 hours to complete. We recommend bringing lunch and snacks to make sure your loved one has fuel for the whole process.

As long as we believe that it’s clinically helpful and you believe it’s supportive for you and your situation.

“Better” is a relative, subjective term. Our goal is to support your loved one in the way that they need, not the way you or society think they should act or exist. That might mean facing hard truths and processing your own guilt, anger, or disappointment. But we’re here for that part, too. We’ve seen families have to come to terms with the realization that their loved one will never be able to live independently or hold a job. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t happy, or healthy, or safe.

Just like “better,” progress is relative. Progress might look different for each person or case and is not the same for everyone. That’s what a treatment plan is for.

Ready to Move Forward?

At Vecktr Group, we believe in moving forward with intention with you. Our goal is to give you a real reason for hope, and help create a future you and your loved one can look forward to.