Meet the Vecktr Team

A look behind the minds hard at work for Vecktr Group.

Dr. Bob Connolly

Dr. Bob Connolly

CEO & Lead Psychologist

I got into this field because I wanted to help people. I’ve been a medical social worker, psychiatric hospital administrator, and, for the last 14 years, a private practice psychologist.

Too many people in the United States are misdiagnosed. These “labels” are like terrible, unwelcomed companions, following individuals throughout their mental health care. Misdiagnoses lead to poorly conceived treatment options and THAT leads to clients not improving.

…And we wonder why people don’t get better….

I was fed up with it all, so I decided to do something about it. I developed my diagnostic expertise, started to create more dynamic and unique treatment plans, and I made the conscious effort to break from tradition, step outside the box, and design plans that were more interesting, positive, helpful, and, dare I say, fun.

It was time to break with tradition and start to help people in a more positive way – helping them understand their strengths and not just what was wrong with them – and I’ve never looked back. The positive impact on my clients defied expectation. I was able to help them make and maintain real, lasting changes.

There are many creative solutions for anyone, if we listen carefully and color outside the lines. You don’t have to have an advanced degree to have good ideas, and the best solutions come from collaborative, connected inspiration. This is how I work best with people. This is how I want to work with you.

I love the work I do. I get to use my entire skillset to help people get better, help people move beyond a life of disappointment after disappointment, and create a life filled with joy. I love working with autism and individuals on the spectrum; so many of them are ready for something new, despite clinging to routines and rituals that pass time to get through another disappointing day.

Nothing happens without actually caring about the people you want to help – and I want something great to happen for you. I want to be the guy that helps your loved one live beyond their so-called limitations, and break out of the box. We can do this!

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Karen McRae

Administrative Director

If you ever have any questions or need to schedule a meeting or want more information about us, I’m the person you’ll talk to. I’m the voice on the phone returning your call or the person behind the computer responding to your email. Dr. Bob and I have been working together since Vecktr Group’s inception (and even for years before that), and I’m so glad to be part of the team!

I love being able to help people, especially in some of their darkest moments. Families often come to us after they’ve exhausted other options and they feel like nothing will ever change. I try to meet families where they’re at, compassionately, knowing that we can help, and that there are brighter days ahead. It’s important to me that every client and family who comes to us feels how much we care about what they’ve been through and how we can help lighten their load.

In the years I’ve worked with Dr. Bob and Vecktr, I’ve created systems and processes that help us do the big work smoothly and efficiently. It’s my job to keep things running so that Dr. Bob can do what he does best – work directly with clients and clinicians.

Recently I became a certified life coach and have been working with clients to help them reach their goals in my practice, Grab a Paddle Coaching. My specialty is working with women who are craving more for themselves but aren’t sure how to get there; I help my clients create goals and work towards them so they can get to where they want to go.

Dr. Bob and I make a great team and I’m so grateful to be able to help people feel better.

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Ready to move forward?

At Vecktr Group, we believe in moving forward with intention with you. Our goal is to give you a real reason for hope, and help create a future you and your loved one can look forward to.